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China bans online sales of the Bible as nation tightens religious controls

China has banned the Bible from being offered online as phase of a big crackdown on Christianity.

The Orwellian measures have been introduced over the weekend, however have now taken impact — with the Christian holy e book now now not to be had on main Chinese store web sites.

Websites that experience stopped promoting the Bible come with Amazon China, Taobao and JD.com.

However, some outlets are nonetheless providing comparable fabrics – like illustrated storybooks, or instructional analyzes of the Bible.

It’s phase of China’s bid to restrict the nation’s rising religious scene, in keeping with the New York Times.

In 2014, sociology professor Fenggang Yang predicted that China would turn into the “largest Christian country in the world very soon,” overtaking the USA via 2025.

China already had current regulations that intended that Bibles couldn’t be offered at standard retail outlets — most effective church bookstores have been allowed to promote it.

But online sales equipped a easy loophole for Chinese Christians to select up the holy e book.

Now new executive religious laws tightened the regulations on each Christianity, barring online sales of the Bible too.

Speaking to The Sun, a Christian Solidarity Worldwide spokesperson stated: “The ban is deeply concerning and part of a wider pattern of violations of the right to freedom of religion or belief in China, which includes unregistered ‘house churches.’”

“We are seeing unregistered Christian groups being forced to shut down and in some cases, church buildings have been completely demolished.”

“At the same time, churches registered with the authorities are also being managed more tightly following the introduction of revised Regulations on Religious Affairs, which came into effect on February 1 this year.”

China President Xi Jinping is waging a marketing campaign to advertise conventional values in China, together with boosting Buddhism, Taoism and people faith.

That’s why it’s nonetheless imaginable to shop for different holy books online in China.

You can get the Taoist Daodejing and Buddhist sutras online very simply — and Islam’s Quran too.

The Quran additionally has the Chinese similar of an ISBN, a numeric e book identifier — which the Bible doesn’t have in China.

China has been cracking down on Christianity for years.

From 2014 to 2016, the nation got rid of 1,500 crosses from church buildings in a single province.

Meanwhile, China has been subsidizing Taoist tune and people pilgrimages.

A contemporary record steered that there are six million Catholic worshippers and 38 million Protestant worshippers in China, despite the fact that some imagine that those figures most effective constitute about part of the true general.

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