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Digital security legend John McAfee’s naked shooting spree

As John McAfee’s spouse, Janice, tells it, she was once having intercourse along with her husband within the early hours of Sept. four of their Tennessee house when McAfee’s notoriously competitive canines began barking madly.

Minutes later, the mythical 71-year-old antivirus instrument inventor and previous fugitive was once firing bullets into the partitions and ceiling in their bed room.

“[McAfee] thought he heard movement in the crawl space under our bedroom and in the attic,” Janice McAfee, 34, would later recall in a remark to the FBI.

“He then fired his gun into both areas.”

The commotion woke Alex Handrick, who served in america Army for 8 years and who lived as a security guard under the couple in a basement condominium.

Handrick, 28, grabbed his attack rifle and ran upstairs to seek out McAfee — stark naked however for an ammunition belt slung round his hips — pumping bullets into the lounge ceiling.

“There’s an intruder,” McAfee instructed Handrick, in keeping with Newsweek.

The incident, which stays below federal investigation, is the newest unusual twist within the septuagenarian’s scandalous lifestyles since promoting the corporate that made him a family identify for a reported $100 million within the 1990s.

After the sale, McAfee went on a spending spree, obtaining 9 houses, a fleet of planes, antique vehicles, and a selection of pricey artwork and curiosities, together with a dinosaur cranium.

In 2009, McAfee reportedly misplaced the majority of his fortune within the international monetary disaster (despite the fact that he has all the time denied this).

He liquidated his belongings and moved operations to Belize.

Why is he so jumpy?

McAfee’s paranoia is famous.

When News.com.au sought his take at the 2016 Showtime documentary “Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee,” which accuses him of 2 murders and a rape, he accused director Nanette Burstein of “forcing interviewees to sign false statutory declarations” and “bribing others to lie.”

In Belize, McAfee cultivated an lifestyles and recognition harking back to Kurtz, the jungle-dwelling, paranoid hermit messiah from Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness.” McAfree additionally arrange an organization and lab purportedly to make antibiotics.

McAfee surrounded himself with a harem of younger women, most commonly former prostitutes plucked from the boulevard, and taken lots of them to reside with him at his closely fortified beachfront compound on Ambergris Caye, Belize’s biggest island.

He by no means went any place in public with out his entourage of hard-bodied, attack rifle-toting security guards, and locals gossiped that it was once McAfee, and now not the native gangs, who ran the city.



In May 2012, the Belize Police Gang Suppression Unit raided McAfee’s lab on suspicion it was once a entrance for making meth. No unlawful medicine have been discovered and McAfee was once by no means charged, however the harm was once completed and the corporate was once close down.

According to McAfee, the raid marked the beginning of a conspiracy to spoil him as revenge for his refusal to be extorted by way of the Belize executive, which he claims is managed by way of the omnipotent Sinaloa drug cartel.

Seven months later, McAfee discovered himself accused of homicide after his neighbor and fellow American expat Gregory Faull was once gunned down close to McAfee’s house.

Police preferred McAfee for the crime since the pair have been recognized to have butted heads over McAfee’s extensively feared pack of guard canines within the months main as much as the 52-year-old’s demise.

Faull had complained that the animals continuously barked and have been susceptible to attacking passers-by, however police imagine the catalyst was once McAfee’s trust that Faull had intentionally poisoned one in every of his canines an afternoon previous.

When police arrived at his house to interrogate him, McAfee was once already lengthy long past.

Attention-loving fugitive

Incredibly, McAfee requested American cartoonist Chad Essley to arrange a weblog in order that he may write about his enjoy whilst at the run, which he did.

But it was once additionally documented by way of a handful of tech reporters from publications like Wired, Gizmodo and Vice mag, a few of whom flew to Central America to satisfy the fugitive at more than a few hideouts.

In a November 2012 interview with Wired, McAfee claimed he was once compelled into hiding since the Belizean government have been looking to kill him. Prime Minister Dean Barrow disregarded the allegations, labeling McAfee “extremely paranoid, even bonkers.”


On Dec. five, McAfee was once arrested in Guatemala after a Vice journalist inadvertently gave away their location by way of publishing of him on-line with out taking away the geolocation metadata.

McAfee was once charged with illegally getting into Guatemala and made an unsuccessful bid for political asylum.

On Dec. 6, McAfee was once hospitalized after struggling two suspected center assaults — which he later claimed he faked to shop for time to permit his attorney to report a sequence of appeals that may in the end save you his deportation to Belize.

The plan labored and on Dec. 12, 2012, McAfee was once launched from detention in Guatemala and deported to the United States. He reportedly met his spouse, Janice, in Miami on his first day again on house soil.


McAfee along with his spouse, JaniceFacebook

According to Newsweek, McAfee and Janice reside in consistent concern of his assassination by way of brokers of the Belize executive.

He “went public” along with his allegations after the mag contacted him for remark over the unusual post-coital shooting spree in September.

“He has never released the information he claims to have hacked and stolen from the government in response to the raid on his compound, and he believes that powerful forces within the criminal underworld in Belize want to kidnap him in order to find out exactly what he knows,” the mag stated.

“McAfee hopes that going public now will force those hounding him and his wife to back off.”

McAfee instructed the mag: “If they wanted to kill me, that would have been easy.”

“They can’t kill me because they need to sit me down, remove my fingers or something until I tell them where all this data is stored.”

Belize government have scoffed at McAfee’s claims to have hacked interior emails despatched between senior participants of Belize’s CITO as “utter nonsense” and “the ravings of a sick mind.”

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