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Google Maps using landmarks to make directions sound more human

Google Maps is turning into a little bit more human by way of using iconic landmarks when giving directions, as a substitute of explicit side road names – and it’s taking many customers by way of marvel.

“Google Maps just told us to turn left at Taco Bell, and we are so confused,” Elizabeth Yang wrote on Twitter.

The tech large showed to Engadget that the Maps program used to be using landmarks – in most cases speedy meals chains with well known signage – as some way to make navigation more effective – and more herbal, since many of us give directions using glaring landmarks relatively than citing side road names.

So a ways the roll out has now not been national, and Google didn’t say whether or not the characteristic would transform everlasting or be launched to a much wider target audience, Food & Wine reported. Though, a number of Google Maps customers have loved the brand new steering.

“Google map navigation just told me to turn right ‘after the Pizza Hut’ as opposed to a specific road name. Finally! Directions I can follow!,” Stacey Carlin tweeted.

“So @googlemaps instructed me to “turn right after Burger King” … I feel that is the most efficient replace but. #mindblown,” Deemah wrote.

However, others are already expecting issues of using well known chain eating places.

“So @googlemaps how much did @McDonalds pay you for this partnership?? ’Turn right at McDonald’s?!?!’ C’mon,” Patrick Sullivan tweeted.


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