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How to Travel Anywhere in the World (From Start to Finish) for $1,000

traveling the world on a tight budget
Wouldn’t or not it’s nice to trip anyplace in the global for $1,000 or much less? And I don’t imply simply the price of having there. I imply all your holiday from the time you step out your door to the time you get again. How nice wouldn’t it be to take a one- or two-week travel anyplace for that?

Decades upon a long time of promoting by way of dear motels, cruises, and motels has left us with the cultural perception that trip is costly. Despite all the blogs, apps, web sites, and Instagram accounts available in the market, too many of us nonetheless don’t consider that trip may also be affordable.

I am getting that. We’ve been conditioned by way of massive manufacturers and corporations for ages to consider this repeated message, and it takes awhile to shed that trust.

But we’re lately in a golden age of trip, thank you to affordable flights, trip hacking, and the sharing economic system. We are seeing a revolution in trip this is permitting other people to bypass the conventional trip gatekeepers of outdated — the ones who saved costs top — and trip frugally with out sacrificing convenience.

It’s not a stark selection between affordable backpacker hostels and fancy motels.

In truth, it’s in reality actually simple to trip smartly on the cheap at the present time.

Today, I need to introduce the thought of the $1K travel. One thousand greenbacks can get you some distance — regardless of the place you wish to have to move.

While there are lots of techniques to trip cost effectively, thank you to touring hacking or excessive budgeting, this idea is set one thing extra middle-of-the-road. It’s no longer about going away without a cash or touring on $10 or $20 an afternoon. It’s for the ones folks in the center, who’ve day-to-day jobs and need to trip extra however all the time really feel like we lack the assets to accomplish that.

One thousand greenbacks is some huge cash, nevertheless it’s no longer an inconceivable sum of money for maximum folks. It’s saving $2.74 in keeping with day for a 12 months. Most folks can save $2.74 an afternoon.

So how do you start?

First, turn the script. I do know I’ve stated this earlier than, however should you get up lately and inform your self, “I can’t travel because of X,” you’ll by no means glance for techniques to get started touring. You will handiest see roadblocks: expenses, flight prices, automobile bills, different duties, or no matter your “But…” is. I’m no longer making an attempt to be patronizing — and I no doubt acknowledge no longer everybody has the approach or want to trip — however you’ve gotten to ask your self in earnest, “How do I make travel a reality?”

You want to get up the next day and say, “Yes, I can travel, too — and I am going to make it happen!”

Once you get started believing it’s imaginable, you get started taking a look for techniques to make it imaginable. I’m no longer speaking about that BS from The Secret, the place you manifest a successful lottery price ticket. I’m speaking about pondering of the sensible steps you’ll take from day one that may convey you nearer to your trip objectives.

Look at your day-to-day spending and the spending possible choices you’re making.

How a lot would you save should you purchased a Brita clear out as a substitute of a day by day bottle of water? Or gave up Starbucks, cooked extra of your personal meals, and drank much less alcohol? What should you gave up cable? Downgraded your telephone plan? Walked to paintings? Sold your unneeded stuff on eBay?

Even if it takes you a 12 months to save, it’s higher to get started lately than the next day.

I all the time have a look at bills and move, “I can have these new jeans or another fancy dinner — or I could have another week on the road.” I’ve pals who bitch about no longer being ready to trip then move purchase $300 sun shades. Not everybody can save a ton of cash and even has the approach to trip all the time, however with sufficient time and determination, the majority folks can get someplace. When I labored with Dianne right through our case find out about program, she was once a large informal spender however prioritizing trip in her thoughts helped her dramatically building up her financial savings.

Second, it’s essential to understand that touring on a restricted finances calls for making plans.

For instance, a couple of years in the past I took a travel to London for $700. I knew I had ten days, didn’t care the place I slept, and was once content material with ingesting just a little, taking public transportation, and sticking to the loose sights. I handiest cared about consuming and having amusing with pals. Everything else was once secondary. Knowing myself allowed me to make the maximum of my restricted budget — and work out how a lot I wished in the first position. I may just plan the actual quantity I wished to save as a result of I had a coarse concept of ways a lot I’d spend.

Break your travel down into small manageable objectives. Don’t consider the 1,000 steps it takes to get to the place you wish to have to move. Think about the step proper in entrance of you. What is ONE factor you’ll do lately to get nearer to your travel? What about the ONE factor you’ll do the next day?

Once a travel is damaged down into smaller steps it turns into much more possible.

I need to use two instance journeys — every week in French Polynesia and two weeks in Australia — to illustrate the thought of the $1K holiday. (I’m selecting dear puts so no person thinks I’m making an attempt to cop out by way of the use of affordable locations!) The similar tactics I used to move to London for $700 are the similar ones that follow to the journeys under.

Example 1: French Polynesia

How to travel anywhere
OK, French Polynesia right here we come! Well, French Polynesia is a pricey vacation spot that has many wealthy citizens and caters to higher-end vacationers, and as such, even though you wish to have to be elementary and are living like an area, you’ll to find that costs for the entirety are at a top class.

But the place there’s a will, there’s a method.

The cornerstone of finances trip is accumulating issues and miles, i.e., trip hacking. Reducing the price of a flight to 0 is the perfect method to cut back the price of your travel. And, for any dear vacation spot, you are going to no doubt want to trip hack. With flights operating $1,600-1,950, French Polynesia underneath $1K is inconceivable with out the use of miles to quilt your bills.

(Note: I received’t move into a lot element in this submit on how to get airline miles for your flight as a result of that’s an entire different lengthy submit, which may also be discovered right here or right here or right here. I communicate so much about trip hacking in this site, and whilst the concept of accumulating miles may also be intimidating, it’s rather simple to do in slightly few months — even though you don’t fly so much! For the function of this newsletter, I’m going to think you’ve gotten or understand how to get miles.)

To get to French Polynesia from the US, you’ll fly one in every of two airways: Air France or Air Tahiti Nui (each have direct flights).

You can e book Air France flights on any one in every of the under carriers. Here’s what number of miles you’ll want:
award chart for tahiti flights

If you wish to have to fly Air Tahiti Nui, you’d want this many miles:
award chart for tahiti flights

The handiest problem to the use of miles: award availability isn’t ample on those flights. The above numbers are for “saver” awards (award tickets that want fewer miles) however every now and then handiest common award tickets with larger mileage necessities are to be had, so that you’ll want to stay that in thoughts.

Hotel award redemptions are regularly dear in French Polynesia as a result of the motels are so sumptuous. Therefore, I’d counsel decreasing your total lodging prices by way of blending up your stick with motels, Airbnbs, or B&Bs. After all, you’re no longer going to French Polynesia with out no less than spending an evening or two at a posh lodge, so we’ve to come with no less than a couple of nights there! Here are the standard award costs (you earn those issues the similar method you do as airline miles):

award chart for tahiti flights
(Note: Air Tahiti Nui gives a loose ferry trip from the airport for somebody who isn’t staying at a posh lodge. Most guesthouses be offering loose transfers from the place the trip drops you off.)

After a few nights redeeming lodge issues for a posh bungalow (in case you have lots of lodge issues, then by way of all approach, stay staying for loose!), I’d transfer to an Airbnb. Airbnb personal rooms price Four,000-6,000 XPF ($40-60 USD) in keeping with evening, whilst a complete condominium (maximum include pool get admission to) will handiest price you 6,000-Nine,900 XPF ($60-100 USD) in keeping with evening. The handiest factor is, the Airbnbs are just about all situated in and round the capital, so that you’re no longer going to get too many sumptuous beachfront puts.

How this could follow in other places: Use a mixture of issues, hostels, Airbnbs, Couchsurfing, and even area sitting to decrease your prices. More data may also be discovered right here.

Food isn’t affordable in French Polynesia since maximum has to be expensively imported and those that discuss with generally tend to have cash to burn. If you devour at the motels and motels, you’ll pay no less than 2,500 XPF ($25) or extra for a meal. At an upscale eating place, be expecting to pay round Four,500 XPF ($45). A meal in an informal eating place will price round 2,200 XPF ($22 USD). A quick-food meal is set 1,000 XPF ($10) whilst a lager is round 600 XPF ($6 USD). However, by way of consuming from the native snack bars on the street, you’ll handiest pay round 1,000 XPF ($10 USD) in keeping with day for meals. If you propose on purchasing your personal groceries, be expecting to spend no less than Eight,000-10,000 XPF ($80-100 USD) a week on meals.

I’d keep away from ingesting, stick to as many native snack bars as imaginable, make picnic lunches, and devour out handiest at dinner to stay prices down.

How this could follow in other places: Drink much less, devour native meals, grocery store, skip fancy eating places, and keep away from consuming in touristy spaces. More data may also be discovered right here.

Not unusually, actions in French Polynesia aren’t affordable both. Diving and different single-day water actions get started at 11,000 XPF ($110 USD), with a two-tank dive costing 14,900-18,900 XPF ($150-190 USD). Surfing classes, which usually final a couple of hours, price round 13,000 XPF ($130 USD). Bike leases are to be had nearly anyplace and can price 1,500-2,000 XPF ($15-20 USD) for an afternoon. Whale-watching excursions will price round 11,500 XPF ($112 USD). I’d focal point on one or two actions whilst right here.

Sample Budget for French Polynesia
How to travel to tahiti budget

You may just save extra issues, drink much less, or even upload more cash to your meals finances. Point is: French Polynesia changed into much more inexpensive! It’s beautiful simple to move to French Polynesia for $1K. Using a mixture of trip hacking, native eating places, Airbnb, and doing only some actions, you’ll discuss with right here with out sacrificing convenience.

Example 2: Australia

How to travel anywhere
Australia is regularly a spot the place budgets move to die — nevertheless it doesn’t have to be that method. You can nonetheless get you beautiful some distance if you recognize a couple of pointers and methods. With your flight out of the method (see under), you might have $71 USD (88 AUD) in keeping with day ($1,000 divided by way of 14 days). You have to be slightly bit extra frugal than in French Polynesia nevertheless it’s possible.

First, I’d use issues for the flight the method I’d for French Polynesia. That looks after your flight, and even if award flights aren’t ample, you’ll nonetheless to find some availability. Here is an inventory of airways — and the miles wanted — to fly immediately to Australia:

award chart for tahiti flights

In truth, saver award tickets for direct flights to Australia are exhausting to come by way of. They aren’t there regularly. You may well be going not directly. There are numerous techniques to get to Australia should you have a look at having a connection than going direct. I attached via Abu Dhabi, whilst a pal attached via Hong Kong, and some other via Japan. I even had a pal fly by way of Chile as soon as to save on miles.

Accommodation in Australia is costly: even hostel dorms may also be as top as 30-40 AUD ($24-32 USD) in keeping with evening. Luckily, while you get out of the massive towns, costs drop, and there are numerous Couchsurfing hosts in the nation. If that’s no longer your jam and also you don’t need dorms, you’ll to find rooms on Airbnb for 44-75 AUD ($35-60 USD) in keeping with day.

To stay your lodging prices down, I’d use a mixture of hostels, Couchsurfing, and Airbnb. If you’re touring in a bunch, Airbnb will permit you to actually decrease your in keeping with particular person prices the maximum. You can to find complete flats for as little as 164 AUD ($132 USD), and if you’ll squeeze Three-Four other people into that, your in keeping with particular person value is handiest 41 AUD ($33 USD)! If you’re on my own or a pair, then I’d check out to Couchsurf up to imaginable (plus you get a kitchen too!)

How this could follow in other places: Use a mixture of issues, hostels, Airbnbs, Couchsurfing, and even area sitting to decrease your prices. More data may also be discovered right here.

Food isn’t affordable in Australia, and retaining this price down goes to be the toughest a part of your travel. However, should you decrease your meals (and drink) bills, you’ll keep underneath $1K. Most respectable eating place entrees price no less than 20 AUD ($16 USD). Grab-and-go puts price round Eight-10 AUD ($6.50-Eight USD) for sandwiches. Fast meals is round 15 AUD ($12 USD) for a meal (burger, fries, soda). The perfect price meals are the Asian and Indian eating places, the place you’ll get a actually filling meal for underneath 10 AUD ($Eight USD).

The perfect method to cut back your prices is to prepare dinner as many foods as imaginable. If you accomplish that, be expecting to pay 100 AUD ($80 USD) a week for groceries (pasta, greens, rooster, and different elementary foodstuffs). Moreover, with beverages operating Eight-15 AUD ($6.50-12 USD) each and every, I’d keep away from ingesting out if imaginable. Buy beer at the retailer.

How this could follow in other places: Drink much less, devour native meals, grocery store, skip fancy eating places, and keep away from consuming in touristy spaces. More data may also be discovered right here.

Traveling round the nation is hard given the lengthy distances. The highest method to get round the nation in this type of quick time period is to fly. There are regularly some last-minute flight offers on Tiger Airlines and Virgin. But even common fares are beautiful just right. For instance, Brisbane to Cairns is handiest 107 AUD ($86 USD) and Melbourne to Sydney is handiest 67 AUD ($54 USD).

Compare that to bus fares by way of Greyhound:

  • Brisbane – Cairns: 320-374 AUD ($258-300 USD)
  • Melbourne – Sydney: 120 AUD ($96 USD)
  • Sydney – Cairns Unlimited Pass (i.e., the complete japanese coast, 44 stops): 429 AUD ($345 USD)

If you had extra time and may just prevent regularly alongside the method, the limitless go could be higher — however you don’t have that point, so cramming that $429 USD into two weeks doesn’t make sense.

I’d additionally believe ridesharing by way of web sites like Gumtree or Jayride, or hostel message forums. Lots of other people hire vehicles and are all the time taking a look for other people to cut up the price of gasoline. You too can pressure your self. Campervan leases get started at 60 AUD ($48 USD) in keeping with day and too can double as puts to sleep (thus saving more cash). If you’re touring with pals, it’s good to purchase a used automobile or campervan (or hire a brand new one from one in every of the many condo corporations) and cut up the price of gasoline.

I’d more than likely take a couple of flights after which a couple of rideshares. If I had been in a bunch or favored using, I’d hire a van to decrease the price in keeping with particular person. That method you save time on the lengthy distances and nonetheless revel in the nation from the flooring too! As a lot as I really like using throughout Australia, it’s higher suited when you’ll get a divorce the adventure if you have extra time.

Activities will actually wreck your finances in Australia. For instance, a one-day travel to the Great Barrier Reef can price 230 AUD ($185 USD), whilst a two-night crusing travel round the Whitsunday Islands can price upwards of 540 AUD ($435 USD). A 3-day travel to Uluru from Alice Springs is round 480 AUD ($386 USD). Luckily, there’s a host of loose strolling excursions and actions in towns, however should you’re taking a look for that once-in-a-lifetime journey, you’re going to pay for it!

To decrease prices, I’d do numerous solo climbing and journeys, loose strolling excursions, and one or two big-ticket pieces.

Sample Budget for Australia
How to travel to australia budget

Again, it is a pattern finances and it takes slightly extra effort to watch the pennies in Australia, nevertheless it’s possible to trip there and no longer spend some huge cash. There are improbable loose actions, affordable groceries, and techniques to get round on a finances. I’m no longer pronouncing it’ll be simple, however I’m pronouncing it’s no longer inconceivable.


When you trip such as you are living, you’ll discuss with anyplace. Taking a complete holiday for not up to $1,000 is totally possible. Stop enthusiastic about trip as this massive, dear factor and get started enthusiastic about it more effective phrases. Think about the steps to make your travel occur. One thousand greenbacks isn’t not anything – and it is going to take a very long time to save that quantity – nevertheless it’s no longer the a couple of 1000’s the media makes trip out to be!

“I don’t have the money to go” is a proscribing trust.

When you get started taking a look for techniques to say sure, while you get started breaking trip down step by step and glance for techniques to save, the global is really your oyster.

Matt’s Addendum: After some comments, I need to explain one thing: Yes, this calls for issues and miles that experience to be earned prior to your travel. However, since the ones may also be earned with out spending more cash, I don’t view that as an added price because it doesn’t require to spend more cash than you might to get them. Additionally, I picked two dear locations that require issues and miles however should you had been to move nearer to house or to a inexpensive position, the want for issues could be some distance much less. I latterly noticed a $450 R/T flight from the US to Thailand. At $50 an afternoon, it’s worthwhile to nonetheless move for 12 days, use no issues, and no longer destroy the $1k barrier.

P.S. – Want to learn how you’ll meet extra locals AND to find loose lodging while you trip? Check out our Q&A with Couchsurfing on September 28th at 6pm EST!

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