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Microsoft and AWS could be the strangest cloud bedfellows yet

Today hell didn’t freeze over, however one thing exceptional came about. Microsoft and AWS introduced they had been operating on a venture in combination.

Project Gluon is an open supply, deep studying venture for construction, deploying and managing device studying fashions. It’s value noting that AWS and Microsoft compete fiercely in the cloud marketplace. In reality, they every have synthetic intelligence toolkits that they’re looking to promote consumers, yet on this example they noticed it of their mutual highest passion to paintings in combination as a substitute of competing.

That my pals is the energy of the cloud at paintings. It forces corporations that after barricaded themselves in the back of proprietary stacks to paintings in combination despite themselves. Surely, they might moderately no longer sleep with the enemy, however being when being frenemies is in the highest passion of each events, it appears they’re keen to do it.

We’ve noticed some unusual alliances in the cloud prior to. Remember when Microsoft and Salesforce joined forces simply a few years after suing every different? That was once an abnormal couple, needless to say. The dating will have cooled a bit of since Satya Nadella gave the impression onstage at Salesforce’s Dreamforce Conference in 2015, however the two corporations proceed to paintings in combination when it is sensible for purchasers.

Marc Benioff and Satya Nadella. Photo: Marc Benioff

And in the cloud it’s all about the consumers. Just the previous day at the BoxWorks, Box’s annual buyer convention, there was once Aaron Levie up on degree with Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of the Cloud and Enterprise workforce at Microsoft, all joking and chummy and pronouncing how smartly the two product units paintings in combination.

Box CEO Aaron Levie with Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of the Cloud and Enterprise workforce at Microsoft. Photo: Bloomberg/Getty Images

It’s simple to overlook that Box made its title in round 2009 with billboards on Route 101 in California pronouncing how significantly better Box was once than Microsoft Sharepoint. Levie made some degree of slaying Microsoft every time he could. Yet right here we’re these days and the two are on degree in combination, and the corporations paintings relatively carefully with one every other now.

Photo: Box

The cloud has a humorous means of riding corporations in combination as it’s all about the buyer in the cloud. The subscription style forces distributors to position consumers first and they call for interoperability with their gear.

The days of going to an organization for a unmarried stack of device are long past. Companies might use Salesforce for CRM, Microsoft Office 365 for his or her administrative center suite, Box for content material control and AWS for cloud infrastructure — and they would like all of it operating in combination with out a large number of fussing and expense.

That could be why AWS and Microsoft teamed up on device studying frameworks these days. Simply as it is sensible for his or her consumers and if it is sensible for the consumers,  they will do it — whether or not deep down they in point of fact wish to or no longer.

Featured Image: Eric Lowenbach/Getty Images

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