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NASA is sending a piece of Mars back home

1,000,000-years-old rock is flying home.

The historic rock, named “Sayh al Uhaymir 008,” or “SaU008,” was once as soon as phase of one of a meteorite that landed on Earth after blowing off from Mars tens of millions of years in the past.

SaU008 was once came upon in Oman in 1999 and is the one one of 200 identical rocks that’s robust sufficient to resist the adventure back home, in step with NASA.

“Every year, we provide hundreds of meteorite specimens to scientists all over the world to for study,” Caroline Smith, the predominant curator of meteorites at London’s Natural History Museum – which equipped the rock, stated within the press unencumber. “This is a first for us: sending one of our samples back home for the benefit of science.”

The meteorite piece will head back to Mars as phase of NASA’s Mars 2020 rover venture. Once it arrives, SaU008 shall be blown to bits in an effort to calibrate a high-precision laser named ‘SHERLOC’ that shall be situated at the rover’s robot arm.

SHERLOC is being designed to inspect rock and chemical options as positive as human hair and can want one thing to lend a hand it get its bearings at the alien planet. In the previous, NASA has used rocks, metals and items of glass to lend a hand modify identical era to its new martian environment.

But this time round, NASA idea it could be more practical to make use of one thing that already has the similar composition because the planet SHERLOC is being designed to discover.

“We’re studying thing on such a fine scale that slight misalignments, caused by changes in temperature or even the rover settling into sand, can require us to correct our aim,” Luther Beegle, NASA’s predominant investigator, stated. “By studying how the instrument sees a fixed target, we can understand how it will see a piece of the Martian surface.”

Once the laser is adjusted, it’s going to rocks on Mars and use a UV gentle to research and seek for indicators of existence.

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