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Netflix may be trying to get kids addicted to binge-watching TV

A brand new Netflix characteristic has been slammed via kid protection professionals who say the app “undermines” oldsters.

The characteristic shall we kids accumulate “patches” via gazing TV presentations, elevating issues over binge-watching.

According to some professionals, the Netflix characteristic is if truth be told coaching kids to watch TV excessively.

The “patches” are collectible photographs that you’ll be able to best get entry to should you’ve watched an episode of “Fuller House,” “Trollhunter” or “A Series of Unfortunate Events.”

You don’t get anything from incomes “patches” – each and every one is a praise in itself.

But despite the fact that it seems like risk free a laugh, the brand new characteristic has been condemned via US kid advocacy crew Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood.

Executive Director Josh Golin informed Gizmodo: “It’s designed to turn kids into lobbyists and undermine parents’ limits.”


“It’s just incredible to me that as we’re having this national conversation about persuasive design of tech and how tech is often designed for the benefit of tech companies at the expense of users’ well-being, that Netflix would test something like this.”

Netflix has showed that it’s certainly trying out the characteristic and it will no longer roll out to all customers.

“We are testing a new feature on select kids titles that introduces collectable items for a more interactive experience, adding an element of fun and providing kids something to talk about and share around the titles they love,” a Netflix spokesperson informed Variety.

“We learn by testing and this feature may or may not become part of the Netflix experience.”

But Golin says that it will be very unhealthy if Netflix did release the characteristic to all customers.

“Children like to collect things. So this will probably be incredibly effective at getting kids wanting to watch more and more Netflix.”

“[Netflix] is using techniques that children certainly can’t understand and they’re developmentally vulnerable to, to get them to engage in activity which is not good for them.”

“Honestly, if Netflix was to roll this out right now and make this a major part of their kids’ programming, parents should reconsider whether they have Netflix.”

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