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Cook meals from anyplace with the Solavore Go! Portable Reflective Solar Cooker. Featuring a light-weight and conveyable design, the Solavore Go! makes it simple so that you can cook dinner anywhere there may be daylight. Using the solar’s power, the Solavore Go! is a hands-free cooker that chefs for 2 other people in two hours. With its patent-pending curvature, the Solavore G!1 provides delicate or even temperature cooking that constantly delivers. In truth, you don’t must stir the contents or alter the attitude. Weighing not up to two kilos in overall, the light-weight silicone pot provides a 1.Four-liter capability. The pot may be collapsible and the cooker and equipment roll up right into a small wearing case this is concerning the measurement of a yoga mat. Simply lift it over your shoulder or clip it onto your backpack to verify a meal at the move. Go forward and take a hike; dinner is already cooking.

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