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South Korean university may be developing ‘killer robots’

Concerned scientists are calling for the boycott of a South Korean university over fears that it’s developing independent “Terminator”-style guns and killer robots.

The staff of man-made intelligence researchers, from 30 other nations, mentioned they gained’t consult with KAIST or host guests from the university till it vows to prevent developing AI guns with out “meaningful human control.”

The researchers additionally mentioned they gained’t cooperate with KAIST’s analysis methods.

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The university, which opened the lab in February with Hanwha Systems, one of the crucial nation’s largest guns producers, insisted it has “no intention to engage in development of lethal autonomous weapons systems and killer robots.”

KAIST president Sung-Chul Shin mentioned the varsity was once “significantly aware” of the worries — however reiterated that it has no aspirations of turning into Skynet.

“I reaffirm once again that KAIST will not conduct any research activities counter to human dignity including autonomous weapons lacking meaningful human control,” he mentioned.

University of New South Wales professor Toby Walsh, who arranged the boycott, mentioned KAIST’s reaction was once a transfer in the suitable route — however that he needed to discuss to all of the different researchers ahead of calling off the boycott.

“KAIST has made two significant concessions: not to develop autonomous weapons and to ensure meaningful human control,” he mentioned.

Walsh mentioned AI will have many makes use of within the army that receive advantages people, reminiscent of clearing minefields.

“But we should not hand over the decision of who lives or dies to a machine. This crosses a clear moral line,” he mentioned. “We should not let robots decide who lives and who dies.”

The university mentioned the brand new Research Centre for the Convergence of National Defence and Artificial Intelligence will use AI for command and keep watch over programs, navigation for massive unmanned undersea cars, like submarines, sensible airplane coaching and monitoring and popularity of items.

In a letter launched forward of a UN assembly subsequent Monday in Geneva on independent guns, the researchers warned: “If developed, autonomous weapons will … permit war to be fought faster and at a scale greater than ever before. They will have the potential to be weapons of terror.”

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