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This app is the officially the worst idea ever

This may well be the worst idea for an app ever.

There’s no denying the age of social media has larger folks’s determination to getting that best snap. Whether it’s dutiful boyfriends on picture responsibility or the rising scourge of selfie sticks, our self-importance is an increasing number of unbridled.

But an organization known as ElsiePic desires to take it to the subsequent, solely pointless degree.

It desires to roll out an app which is successfully the Uber for within sight folks prepared to take a photograph of you and your folks. Seriously.

“Elsies are photos taken by someone else,” the corporate says, in a way which means it got here up with the idea.

Apparently, the app is designed to position an finish to these tricky occasions when you need to take a gaggle picture along with your friends however a selfie isn’t gonna reduce the mustard and you’ll be able to’t work out who must draw the brief straw and take the picture.

In a press liberate put out by means of the corporate, co-founder Tatiana Cooke shared the second that it appears brought on the epiphany that underpins the app.

“Cooke got the idea for ElsiePic two years ago when she was on vacation in with her husband and his family. They were at the Alamo and ran into the problem of figuring out who gets to be in the picture and who gets to take it,” the press liberate mentioned.

“Leery of handing their camera to a stranger, they opted to leave without the iconic photo of the whole group and instead splitting the picture into two groups.”

I do know, proper. What a tragedy.

So identical to Uber, on this scenario, you have to log onto the app and in finding within sight photographers who’re to be had.

“Once the user selects a photographer, the customer can go to the photographer’s location to capture their next Instagram yoga pose, holiday postcard or a once in a lifetime vacation to the Taj Mahal.”

So despite the fact that you sought after a photograph at the Alamo, you need to move to the photographer’s location?

And you’re going to stroll as much as a stranger’s space and get started doing yoga for them whilst they snap your downward canine?

On most sensible of that, the app fees you to ship the image in your telephone.

“For a small sitting fee, ElsiePic instantly captures and transmits the quality images to the customer’s phone.”

The creators of the app appear to have an bad suspicion of strangers who they recommend (on multiple instance) can’t be depended on and are unqualified to take your picture.

But that peculiar worry apart, this must be certainly one of the stupidest concepts for an app ever.

It’s lately in the beta degree on Android but when it turns into even remotely fashionable, I’ll consume my smartphone. Because I don’t need to are living in that global.

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