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This app lets your dying phone connect with other dying phones

We’re so hooked on our phones that we merely can’t fathom the speculation of now not with the ability to use it as it’s out of battery juice. That’s why we’re continuously charging our units, ensuring they’ve sufficient battery to get us in the course of the day.

But who stated that having your battery die can’t be a a laugh enjoy, particularly for those who don’t have a charger or exterior battery available.

That’s the place the bright $1 Die With Me iPhone and Android app will turn out to be useful.

Die With Me best works if your phone’s battery dips beneath five p.c. That’s in truth the entirety you wish to have to learn about it:

The chat app you’ll best use when you’ve got lower than five p.c battery. Die in combination in a chatroom on your strategy to offline peace.

That manner the app connects you with other folks in the similar state of affairs, who is also having a look to kill time whilst their batteries run out. It additionally implies that you’ll’t use the app except the battery indicator presentations five p.c of rate or much less, which makes this chat thought so distinctive. Each chat enjoy must be completely random and distinctive.

Reading the feedback of a few Android customers on a Reddit thread Reddit thread made me notice you’ll use the app to check out the well being of your battery.

Completely discharging your phone’s battery only for the only real goal of checking out Die With Me turns out foolish. But chances are you’ll believe doing it simply to look if your phone’s battery can get all of the approach right down to zero p.c. It’s now not a systematic take a look at to measure the well being of your phone’s battery. But if you’ll’t get beneath five p.c, then there may well be one thing unsuitable with the battery.

Some Reddit customers complained that their units — other than iPhones — close down impulsively even if the indicator presentations there must be various battery lifestyles left. Those units most likely wish to have their batteries changed with a brand new one.

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