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This smart condom is like a Fitbit for sex

A British company has launched the primary pictures of its Fitbit-style condom that measures a guy’s efficiency in mattress.

The high-tech jimmy jacket — which seems like a small rubber bracelet — logs knowledge all the way through sex and sends it to the person’s smartphone, in line with the creators of the i.Con Smart Condom, which launched photographs of it Tuesday.

The reusable, one-size-fits-all band measures the collection of energy burned all the way through sex, the rate of a guy’s thrusts and the way lengthy he lasts, lead engineer Adam Levers instructed the United Kingdom Metro.

“It’s here and it’s beautiful. We wanted the i.Con to look refined, non-intrusive and lightweight – the finished article is nothing short of any of those things,” he stated. “There is absolutely no hindrance to the user and that was our main goal.”

The stretchable shaft device additionally detects STDs and is “flexible to ensure maximum comfort for all sizes,” in line with British Condoms, the company in the back of the condom.

The band slides onto the bottom of the penis and is used with a commonplace condom for coverage.

But some critics referred to as the speculation a stretch — in terms of privateness.

Twitter customers dubbed it a “spy condom” and in comparison it to an “ankle bracelet” Tuesday.

Company spokesman John Simmons, on the other hand, insisted the penis ring wouldn’t flop.

“It’s truly the next step in wearable tech and we believe we have pioneered a product that will not only bring an extra element of fun into the bedroom, but will also help indicate potential STI’s present as well as prevent condom slippage,” Simmons stated.

The $74 device hits the marketplace in January 2018 and is to be had for preorder at the corporate web site.

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