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Trash company boasts its new technology will make landfills obsolete

KIBBUTZ ZEELIM, Israel — Hawks, vultures and storks circle overhead as Christopher Sveen issues on the heap of refuse rotting within the wasteland warmth. “This is the mine of the future,” he beams.

Sveen is leader operations officer at UBQ, an Israeli company that has patented a procedure to transform family trash from landfills into reusable plastic. After 5 years of building, the company is bringing its operations on-line, with hopes of revolutionizing waste control international and making landfills obsolete. It continues to be noticed, alternatively, if the technology truly works and is commercially viable.

UBQ operates a pilot plant and analysis facility at Kibbutz Zeelim, at the fringe of southern Israel’s Negev Desert, the place it has advanced its manufacturing line.

“We take something that is not only not useful, but that creates a lot of damage to our planet, and we’re able to turn it into the things we use every day,” stated Albert Douer, a member of the company’s board. He stated the UBQ’s subject material can be utilized as an alternative choice to typical petrochemical plastics and picket, lowering oil intake and deforestation.

UBQ has raised $30 million from non-public traders, together with Douer, who’s leader govt of Ajover Darnel Group, a world plastics conglomerate.

Leading scientists serve on its advisory board, together with Nobel Prize chemist Roger Kornberg, Hebrew University biochemist Oded Shoseyov and Connie Hedegaard, a former European Commissioner for Climate Action.

UBQ’s procedure turns unsorted rubbish right into a bio-based thermoplastic composite.AP

The small Zeelim plant can procedure one ton of municipal waste in step with hour, a slightly small quantity that may no longer meet the desires of even a midsize town. But UBQ says it’s making plans to make bigger operations.

On a up to date day, Chief Executive Jack Bigio stood along bales of taken care of trash hauled in from an area landfill.

He stated recyclable pieces like glass, metals and minerals are extracted, and the rest rubbish — “banana peels, the chicken bones and the hamburger, the dirty plastics, the dirty cartons, the dirty papers” — is dried and milled right into a powder.

The steely grey powder then enters a response chamber, the place it’s damaged down and reconstituted as a plastic-like composite subject material. UBQ says its closely-guarded patented procedure produces no carbon dioxide or poisonous byproducts and makes use of little power and no water.

According to the United Nations Environment Program, 5 p.c of world greenhouse fuel emissions are produced via decomposing natural subject material in landfills. Roughly part is methane, which is 21 occasions as potent for world warming as carbon dioxide, in keeping with the World Bank.

For each and every ton of subject material produced, UBQ says it prevents between 3 and 30 heaps of CO2 from being created via retaining waste out of landfills.

UBQ says its subject material can be utilized as an additive to traditional plastics. It says 10-15 p.c is sufficient to make a plastic carbon-neutral via offsetting the era of methane and carbon dioxide in landfills. It may also be molded into bricks, beams, planters, cans, and development fabrics. Unlike maximum plastics, UBQ says its subject material doesn’t degrade when it’s recycled.

The company says changing waste into marketable merchandise is winning, and more likely to prevail ultimately with out executive help.

“What we do is we try to position ourselves at the end of the value chain, or at the end of the waste management hierarchy,” Sveen stated. “So rather than that waste going to a landfill or being incinerated, that’s kind of our waste feedstock.”


The marvel plastic isn’t with out its skeptics, alternatively. Duane Priddy, leader govt of the Plastic Expert Group, stated UBQ’s claims had been “too good to be true” and likened it to alchemy.

“Chemists have been trying to convert lead to gold for centuries, without success,” Priddy, a former foremost scientist at Dow Chemical, stated in an e mail to The Associated Press. “Likewise, chemists have been trying to convert garbage to plastic for several decades.”

Even if its technology is in the long run a success, UBQ faces questions on its long-term viability. Building further vegetation might be pricey and time-consuming. It must also end up there’s a marketplace for its plastic merchandise. The company stated it’s negotiating offers with main shoppers, however declined to spot them or say when the contracts would move into impact.

The UN Environment Program has made forged waste disposal a central factor to combatting pollutants international. Landfills contaminate air, water and soil, and soak up restricted land and assets. A December 2017 document via the world frame trustworthy 5 of its 50 anti-pollution measures to lowering and processing forged waste.

“Every year, an estimated 11.2 billion tons of solid waste are collected worldwide,” the group says. “The solution, in the first place, is the minimization of waste. Where waste cannot be avoided, recovery of materials and energy from waste as well as remanufacturing and recycling waste into usable products should be the second option.”

Israel lags in the back of different advanced nations in waste disposal. The nation of more or less eight million other folks generated five.three million metric heaps of rubbish in 2016, in keeping with the Environment Ministry. Over 80 p.c of that trash ended up in more and more crowded landfills. A 3rd of Israel’s landfill rubbish is meals scraps, which decompose and convey greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide.

To UBQ, that implies a just about infinite provide of uncooked subject material.

“The fact is that the majority of waste goes to a landfill or is looped into the natural environments because there simply aren’t economically viable technologies out there,” stated Sveen.

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