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Worms grown in soil that mimics the surface of Mars

Two worms had been born in soil that mimics the surface of Mars — bringing colonization of the planet a step nearer.

Biologist Dr. Wieger Wamelink discovered the creature, essential for the survival of any ecosystem, in Hawaiian soil simulant he bought from NASA.

The in finding boos­ts hopes that people would possibly continue to exist Mars in the 2030s. Wamelink, of Holland’s Wageningen University, stated: “It was a surprise.”

NASA’s soil simulant originates from a volcano on Hawaii and Wamelink had been rising rocket in it to which worms had been added — at the side of pig slurry that mimics human waste.

Wamelink — whose discovery is printed on the web page Nature Today — stated: “The worms were from my own garden!”

But he used to be surprised when he came upon a pair of new arrivals – that he hadn’t totally anticipated.

Wamelink stated: “Clearly the manure stimulated growth — especially in the Mars soil simulant — and we saw the worms were active.”

Wieger Wamelink / SWNS.com

“However the best surprise came at the end of the experiment when we found two young worms in the Mars soil simulant.”

Wamelink stated: “We, therefore, ended up with pots with all possible combinations with the exception of organic matter which was added to all of the pots.”

Wamelink’s experiments are a very powerful in figuring out if other folks can stay themselves alive on the Red Planet by way of rising their very own vegetation.


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