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You can track Elon Musk’s Tesla as it travels towards Mars

There was once so much to love about SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy release ultimate week, like the truth that it was once the heaviest industrial rocket to ever release, or that the 2 aspect boosters completed an Olympic-skating-worthy side-by-side touchdown after release.

But probably the most breathtaking pictures from the workout have surely been of Elon Musk’s cherry-red Tesla Roadster, which was once the payload for the rocket and which is now flying thru house towards Mars. Video from the Tesla handiest lasted for a pair hours after release, however due to NASA JPL’s HORIZONS device, we can regulate the Roadster as it continues its interplanetary voyage.

Self-described “space nerd” Ben Pearson has created the very good web page whereisroadster.com, which does precisely what it says at the label: supply up-to-the-second monitoring of the Tesla as it is going sooner than any electrical automobile has long gone sooner than.

At the time of writing, the web page says that “The car is 142,789,476 miles from Mars, moving toward the planet at a speed of 43,861 miles/hour (70,587km/hour, 19.61 km/s.” It’s recently 1,314,486 miles from Earth, transferring away at 6.859mph. Considering that the first-gen Roadster had a best velocity of 125mph on Earth, that isn’t too shabby.

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